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Skilled Attorney Helping With Legal Guardianship Cases in Salem

Many people end up in a position where they are unable to care for themselves. Unfortunately, that means they cannot manage their own physical needs, see to their own health care, or make important decisions for themselves. If they haven’t left any advanced directives, what do you do? Thankfully, Oregon law provides a solution for these cases: legal guardianship. Loved ones who have been declared incompetent or who are determined by the courts to be unable to care for themselves are considered “protected persons.” Depending on the circumstances, a permanent guardian might be assigned, or your loved one may only need a temporary guardian or a limited guardian. If you’re in this situation with someone you care about and you need help, turn to the offices of Halliday Law, PC. We act as a guardianship lawyer for clients in Salem, as well as in surrounding areas.

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Conservatorships Allowing You Financial and Legal Supervision

Guardianship grants an individual the ability to act in the best interests of a protected person, but it does not bestow financial responsibility. Fortunately, Oregon law also addresses situations in which you need to oversee the financial or legal affairs of your loved one. Conservatorship may be a possible solution, and it gives the named conservator the ability to act on a person’s behalf while also demanding a detailed accounting of their actions. Our legal team may also be able to advise you about your options in these kinds of cases.

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Since 2009, Halliday Law, PC has served clients in the Salem, Portland, and Willamette Valley areas in several practice areas, including acting as an estate law attorney. Call our legal team today at 503-585-2233 to set up an appointment.